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Young Ink Press is on the lookout for new and established talent to join in the fun. We want compelling writing, new storytelling, sexy characters and steamy love scenes that will excite readers and win their hearts. We are a virtual publisher with everything being produced electronically.  

You will not pay to have your book published by us. 


If you become accepted into the family, your book will be provided the works; editing, marketing, and a sexy cover to win the masses. Your book will become available through four major retailers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  iTunes, and  Kobo. If all goes well and requirements are met, then a print book will be considered to sale through Amazon. 


First time authors earn 45% net royalties from our distributors. If we decide to keep you in the family authors will then earn 50% net royalties from our distributors. 

Submission Rules

If you have any questions about the rules, please email


#1. Story length must be at least 8,000 words.

#2. No previous published books, or series.

#3. Cannot demeane a person or multiple people. 

#4. NO pedophiles.

#5. NO incest.

#6. NO rape (can be used as character building, not for sexual pleasure. No one wants to hear the details).

#7. NO bodily functions, gross. 

#8. NO necrophillia.

#9. NO beastiality.

#10. NO depraved acts.

#11. Roughly edited.

#12. HEA or HFN ending.

#13. Authors must be 18+.

How to Submit

Email your submission to 

Please add "SUBMISSION" to the subject field.


In your email, please include:

#1. Your name, pen name (if applicable), and email address.

#2. Word count of finished manuscript.

#3. Brief blurb (less than 200 words) describing the story.

#4. Full-story synopsis (including ending).

#5. The first three chapters.

This file must be in docx, doc or rtf format; no other format accepted.

If you have not received a response after a week, please contact us.


Wanna write for us?

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